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Seasonal Camp


After many years of focusing on the martial arts structure of the school; we began offering our innovative Martial Arts Summer/Spring/Winter Camps. Expert Martial Arts seasonal camps offer a safe, exciting, and educational experience for children 5 through 12 years of age.

Both full week and partial week programs are available, and we offer camp almost all summer long… a full 10 weeks! In addition, our well trained, enthusiastic, and professional staff enjoy providing each child an opportunity to learn, mature, and have fun in a safe environment. Call or visit us today and have your child join us for a great Summer, Spring and Winter!

Field Trip/ Special Activities

Due to COVID-19 we follow state guidelines so field trips will not be available during 2021 Summer Camp. There will be a daily special theme of the day each day to entertain our camp program.    


Whether campers are spending the day beach park, visiting a museum or historic park, going to the movies to catch the latest Summer hit, knocking down pins at a bowling alley, or just playing in the playgrounds and parks, Laser Tag and Chuck E Cheese, you can be sure your child will be enjoying an exciting Summer.

Our campers are exposed to a variety of different field trips that are not only fun but also educational. 


We have a scientific experiment every other week to promote critical thinking and problem solving.  Along with that we want our students to learn how to work well in teams to accomplish a goal.  Our well experienced staff provides a safe and age suitable lesson for our students.

Your Guide to Our Seasonal Camp Programs

One of the things most American school children look forward to is the break from classes in the summer, winter, or spring. However, parents aren’t always so excited about these breaks. After all, they need somewhere safe for their kids to go, somewhere that gives them something to engaging, learn, and entertaining to do so that they don’t get bored – and they still need to be able to work!

If you’re looking for a place that meets all these requirements, consider our summer camp program here at Expert Martial Arts!

A Full Day of Fun

Many summer camps are only a few hours of activity each day.  We offer a full day of fun for kids of all ages. Beginning at 8:30 so that parents can drop children off before work days start, our flexible daily schedule begins with fun, freeform activities such as games and more.

Our program offers opportunities for socialization, fun, and enrichment. From morning physical activities to a daily field trip experience, students will enjoy many of their favorite elements of a regular camp day – without their least favorites. We keep students occupied and engaged with physical activity, arts and crafts, and creative approaches to learning.


We are not the only place where students can learn martial arts technique, grow, and experience things that help them develop valuable life skills. With laboratory experience opportunities, field trips available for our participants, we offer unique opportunities to help your child reach their full potential.

Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about enrolling in our programs. We are more than happy to provide requested information and answer your questions.